Education, education, education. Legal cannabis awareness for all.

In the process of bringing our app to iOS users, we've hit a stumbling block! You see, we first launched our iOS app on the 19th of April this year. But so far, we've only been able to update our app once. We couldn't release any bug fixes or new features to those who downloaded our app. Bug fixes and new features we think everyone will love if we could just update the app!

Our app is currently available in the UK on iTunes, so you can still download 麻.app® and order CBD if you happen to have an iPhone and lived in the UK.

But we're prevented from releasing a new update to you until our friends at Apple in Ireland accept we are not selling drugs. (some CBD balm and Active gel are on their way to them!)

What are drugs? We believe a lot more education is required to get over this hurdle for everyone, our friends at Apple Ireland included. And everyone needs to agree on what is what, so we can all move on and do better things like releasing NEW features and bring even more everyday benefits to our users.

Our vision is to improve access to affordable legal cannabis-derived everyday products, and share the knowledge and know-how we discover along the way. But a misunderstanding by a few decision-makers is preventing new features from being released to everyone.

This is why we've been in touch with one of the leading legal experts on this subject to improve our understanding of cannabis legalisation so we can share our discoveries and further improving education on standardising terms and definitions with you. So we can all agree that Cannabis isn't a drug, it's a plant that grows in nature, with a multitude of diverse and sustainable uses!

One such use is in skincare and sports recovery, and we believe everyday skincare should make you look and feel great. In traditional Chinese medicine, reducing inflammation is key to looking better and feeling healthier, wellness all over. That's why we add natural Aleo Vera to our range to take the heat away from your skin and CBD to relax any tension beneath.

We also advocate for spreading knowledge and know-how on simple yet convenient ways you can add CBD into your life. So that's why we are bringing one of the best-kept secrets of the major CBD oil brands, the versatile CBD isolate powder to you, our trendsetters and early adopters.

There are so many things you can do with CBD Isolate there are just too many to list in this piece and do each one justice. So if you want to learn how CBD can be used in different products, leave us a comment below and we'll consider doing a piece in a future article.

In the meantime, if you do want to know how CBD oil is made by major CBD brands and how some labels are misleading you, check out our blog Chinese Hemp, and follow us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). With your support, we will continue to bring the best products, service, and know-how to everyone who deserves access to safe, secure, legal and reliable cannabis anywhere in the world.

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