Our logo and what it means (part one)

Designing a logo is never an easy task for any new startup. Each addition of lines, colours, shapes, texts, fonts, and images on every single space and surface could spell success or disaster. To avoid the latter, we combined some history, culture, and technology to keep ours simple, clear, distinguishable, and unique. We hope it will instantly connect our values with yours.

Chinese Hemp logo

(Past, present, future.)

So what's going on? What does each element mean? Why should you care?

The first element of the logo is the Simplified Chinese character for Hemp, Cannabis. It is a character, symbol, for a plant that has evolved over thousands of generations and received countless graphical updates to represent what ancient hemp drying looked like.

Hemp from ancient form to modern script


We wanted to highlight our connection to 10,000 years of Chinese culture linked with this magical plant through archaeological evidence as well as documented uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine. But we also wanted to keep it modern and focused on advances in technology and scientific understanding to better understand our relationship with this plant. So we picked Apple's latest Chinese character set for Mac OS and iOS named Ping Fang (平方) which translates into "square". Our chosen font it is optimised for display and print surfaces to maximise contrast but also maintain harmony.

The second element of our logo is our .app domain. It is a new generation of gTLD (generic top-level domain) designed for security-focused web, mobile application (example: cash.app by Square, Inc). Google purchased the .app gTLD from ICANN in 2015 and only became available to the public to register since May 2018.

Choosing this security-focused gTLD means all your data is securely handled using HTTPS. Because the .app top-level domain is on the HSTS preload list, it means all your connections to 麻.app is secured using HTTPS. Our domain is hardcoded into Chrome (and most major browsers Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE 11 and Edge) as being HTTPS only. So your data is always safe and secure with us.

We are a UK startup, we fully comply with GDPR and respect the individual freedoms and privacy of all our users. We choose the .app domain name so everyone can easily recognise us as a trusted secure application and service dedicated to delivering the best products and knowledge related to hemp and cannabis.

The third element, our registration mark (®) is registered in the UK, highlights our passion and responsibility to deliver the highest quality and standards wherever our mark appears. With your kind support and contribution, we can continue to improve wellness and healing trauma for people of today and future generations.

In part 2 next week, we will look at the history of cannabis in Chinese culture and geek out on some of the technological inventions and innovations that lead us to today. Don't forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive all our updates.

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